Friday, 24 May 2013

Scratch Club 22May13

My notes from the Scratch Club this week...

We covered variables today, using them to try and track the game score and lives left.

What went well:

  • Everyone was interested in variables and most got this idea
  • Behaviour was much improved today, the kids really got down to the task quickly
  • One of the students discovered the music blocks and created some pretty cool rhythms.

What could be improved?

  • We had a two week gap, and a few of the kids have forgotten most of what we learnt before!
  • Not all kids have Scratch at home, so I've written a letter to go out to the parents: Get the kids using Scratch at home
  • I'm still teaching only 8 kids, but there are many more in the school that want to take part.


  • Some kids clearly know what they are doing now, so could help run the club? 
  • If we can have good behaviour and a recognition program so that we know when we have new trainers ready then I think this could work.

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